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This track has been in my dropbox for over a month and I have been listening to it ever since. The sadness “Cav” gives off really resonated with how I was feeling back then and somehow comforted me. It sounds like someone tucking you in while you are curled up in bed, crying.

When listening to it for the first couple of times, I didn’t even notice the percussion, which is so subtle that it almost disappears underneath the vocal samples. I like songs that let me discover new things every time I listen to it. (Or maybe I’m just really bad at noticing things.)

HVZEL has two EPs on bandcamp: KINGDOM, including “Cav”, and MIXTVPE, released back in February. “Leelanau”, a track from the latter EP, is included here as a bonus. It has that same sadness, even thought it’s a lot rougher and more distorted.

A perfect soundtrack for sad days.

HVZEL - Leelanau

Dry your tears on bandcamp . soundcloud . facebook

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