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Six months after releasing his latest single “Land Locked”, Air Tycoon gives us a new EP and completely free too! Autumn Drifts is more great beats and samples and a lot of emotion, what more do you want?

"Tesselate Me" is my personal favorite. Stream or download the EP here to find out what’s yours.

Air Tycoon on soundcloud . bandcamp . facebook . tumblr . twitter 

Date: 2012.11.07 - Tags: air tycoon - Notes: 3 - Permalink ∞

Back in August I posted a track called “I’m Stoned” by Air Tycoon on the first one of three mixes I did instead of blogging properly. It was part of an EP that has now evolved into an entire album called FUCK EVERYTHING I’M GOD. It doesn’t often happen that I come across whole albums that I really like in their entirety, definitely since a lot of artists release single tracks as soon as they’re finished, but this is one of them.

I hope that “Cross” can get you excited enough to check out the other songs as well; I can assure you that it’s worth it. Stream them below or on bandcamp, where you can make the album yours forever for $6.

Pray to this god on soundcloud . facebook . bandcamp . twitter

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