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I first heard Frank Midnite’s music in January and immediately liked it. Though his tracks were mostly synth-pop, they had a melancholic quality about them that caught my attention. He had just released an EP called THIS IS OUR TIME as BRIGHT FUTURE, about which I wrote a couple of words. Ever since I’ve been keeping track of what Frank has been doing, listening to all the demos he put on his Soundcloud, so when he asked me to write about a track he finished, I didn’t have to think twice.

"The Optimist" features a steady beat and percussion, that typical crackle in the intro and captivating synthesizer melodies. Yet because of the vocals, on this track particularly reminding me of The Smiths, the music gets a different, melancholy dimension.

BRIGHT FUTURE is on both UFΩLK and Night Thief Records (Frank’s own label) and will be releasing an album entitled Blue//Black this summer. On Soundcloud you can find a bunch of demos, reworkings of songs from the last EP and a remix for The Present Moment’s “Feast on Fire” that was released via Disaro. One of those demos is the track I’m embedding here, definitely one of my favourites so far.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth by BRIGHT FUTURE

BRIGHT FUTURE on soundcloud . facebook . bandcamp . twitter

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